Programs and School

  • Associate(Diploma)
  • Bachelor
  • Business Technology
  • Master
  • Doctorate
  • Theology
  • Ministry
  • Biblical Studies
  • Counseling
  • Divinity
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Law / Church Law

Accountancy and Audit
Actuarial Science
Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Adult Literacy Education
Aeronautical Engineering
African Union Integration Studies
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Extension
Agricultural Extension And Communication Technology
Agricultural Science
Agricultural Science Education
Agricultural Services
Agrobusiness Food Technology
Alternative Medicine
Analytical Chemistry
Animal Production
Animal Production and Fisheries
Animal Science
Applied Botany
Applied Linguistics
Applied Parasitology
Applied Zoology
Arson Investigator
Art and Craft
Artifial Intelligence and Robotics
Artisan - Cobbler, Tillers
Atmospheric Physics
Auto Mechanics
Automobile engineering
Automobile Repair
Automobile Spray and Body Shops
Automotive Engineering
Aviation Engineering
Aviation Transport Management
Bakery and Pastry
Banking and Finance
Basic Principles of Nanotech
Beauty Care
Beauty, Therapy and Makeup
Behavioural Science Technician
Biblical Studies
Bilingual Secretarial Administration
Bioinformatics (Computational Biology)
Biological Education
Biological Science
Biological Science with Specialisation
Building And Construction Management
Business Administration
Business Administration and Management
Business Education
Business Information Technology
Business Management
Business Psychology
Canine Specialist
Carbon Capture Technology
Cat Health and Nutrition
Catering and Food Technology
Catering and Hotel Management
Child Day-care Management
Child Nutrition and Cooking
Child Psychology
Childcare and Early Learning
Children & Adolescent
Christian Counselling
Christian Education
Christian Religious Studies
Church History
Civil Engineering
Classical Studies
Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
Clinical Biochemistry
Clinical Infectious Disease
Clinical Linguistics and Psychology
Clinical Nursing
Clinical Nursing Assistance (CNA)
Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Research Operation
Coaching Health
Cognitive Neuroscience
Commerce in Marketing Strategy
Commercial Secretarial Administration
Common (International) Law
Communication Arts
Communication Physics
Community Health
Community Health Science
Comparative Religious Studies
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Computer and ICT Education
Computer Electronics
Computer Engineering
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Computer Science and Communication Engineering
Computer science and software Engineering
Computer Science with Mathematics
Computer services
Computer Training
Condensed Matter
Condensed Matter Physics
Conflict Resolution and Security Studies
Conservation/Enviromental Sciences
Construction Management
Contractor/Construction Management
Cooking & Catering
Corporate Finance
Cosmetic and Beauty Products
Counseling Psychology
CPR and First Aid
Creative Art
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Administration
Criminology and Penology
Criminology and Security Studies
Crisis and Disaster Management
Crisis and Mass Disaster Management
Crop Production
Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum Development/Studies
Customer Relationship Management
Cyber and Internet Law
Cyber Security Management
Cyber Security System
Data Analytics
Data Engineering
Data governance
Data Management
Dental Assistant
Dental Health Nursing
Development Studies
Developmental Psychopathology
Diet Management
Dietary & Nutritional Medicine
Digital Communication
Disaster and Public Safety Management
Disaster Management
Disaster Risk Management
Disease and Therapy
Dispute resolution
DNA and Genealogy
Drafting with AutoCAD
Drilling Engineering
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist
Drug Administration
Early Childhood Education
Earth And Mineral Sciences With Specialization
Economic And Development Studies
Economics and Finance
Economics Education
Educational Administration and Planning
Educational Analysis and Policies
Educational Foundation
Educational Leadership and Management
Educational Management
Educational Planning
Educational Planning and Administration
Electrical Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic and telecommunications Engineering
Electronic Measurement And Instrumentation
Emergency Response
Energy Physics
Energy Psychology
Engineering Management
English As A Second Language
English Education
English Studies
Entrepreneurship and Education Management
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Environment and Natural Resources Management
Environmental Biology And Public Health
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Education
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health Management
Environmental Health and Safety Management
Environmental Management
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Science
Environmental sustainability, packaging, circular economy and materials science
Environmental Toxicology and Management
Estate Management
Event Management
Exercise and Sports Sciences
Experimental Telemetry and Phenotyping
Facilities Management
Family Health and Family Care
Family Nurse Practitioner
Fashion Design & Technology
Fashion Merchandising and Design
Fertility and Pregnancy
Fiber Optics & Logistics Management
Fiber Optics Technology
Film and Video Production
Financial Investment
Financial Management
Fine and Applied Art
Fine Art with specialization in Applied Art/Painting
Fire investigator
Fitness and Nutrition
Florist/Floral Design
Food and Exercise
Food and Nutrition
Food as Medicine
Food Quality and Safety
Food Safety and Quality Control
Food Science
Food Science and Technology
Food Storage Technology
Forensic Science
French and Linguistic Studies
French As A Second Language
French Studies
Funeral Service Education
Furniture Making & Design
Gardening & Landscaping
General Education
Genetic Engineering
Genomic Data Science
Geographic Information System
Geoscience and Mining Development
Geotechnical Engineering
Global Health
Global Agricultural & Food law
Green Hydrogen Technology
Guidance and Counseling
Health & Safety Management
Health and Oral Therapy
Health and Safety
Health and Safety Management
Health Assistant
Health Care Aide
Health Care Management
Health Economics
Health Education
Health Information Management
Health Information(Health Record)
Health Promotion
Health Sciences
Health Technician
Health, Safety and Environment
Healthcare Delivery
Healthcare Marketplace
Healthy Aging
High School Program
History and Cultural Studies
HIV/AIDS Counselling
Home Inspector
Hospitality Management
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Hotel Management
Human and Kenetic Education
Human Biology
Human Infectious Diseases
Human Movement Analysis
Human Resources Management
Humanistic Psychology
Humanitarian Assistance and NGO Management
Immigration And Asylum Studies
Industrial Chemistry
Industrial Design With Specialization
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Firefighting
Industrial Mathematics
Industrial Physics
Industrial Psychology
Industrial Safety Engineering
Industrial Technical Education
Information And Computer Technology
Information Technology
Infrastructure Management
Injury / Health Management
Integrated Science
Intelligence Security and Disaster Management
Interior Decorating
Interior Design
International Business Law
International Business Law with specification in Aviation Law
International Commerce
International Law and Diplomacy
International Law and Restorative Justice
International Relation and Diplomacy
International Relations
International Security and Development
Journalism Media Studies
Laboratory / Health Management
Land Management
Land Survey
Language and Linguistics
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Leadership and Ministry
Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Legal Secretarial Administration
Literary Studies
Livestock Production
Local Government Administration
Logistics and Hotel Management
Management Sciences
Management System
Management Technology
Marine Electrical
Marine Engineering
Marketing and Communication
Marriage & Family Therapy
Mass Communication
Mass Communication with Journalism Advertising/Public Relations,Broadcasting
Maternal and Child Health
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics Education
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Media and Mass communication
Media Art
Medical Billing Specialist
Medical Biochemistry and Genetics
Medical Coding
Medical Education
Medical Lab Science
Medical Lab Technician
Medical Microbiology
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Transcriptionist
Medicine Finance
Mental health counseling
Mental health counseling
Meteorology And Climate Science
Microbiology With Specialization
Migration and Border Control Management
Mobile Handsets Repairs
Molecular Biology
Motorcycle/ATV Repair
Music and Dramattic Performance
Music Education
National Security and Diplomacy
Natural and Environmental Studies
Natural Health Consultant
Nautical Science
Network and System Security
Neurological and Clinical Linguistics
Nursing Science
Obstertrics & Gynecology
Occupational Medicine
Office Administration
Office and Secretariat Studies
Office Management Technology
Oil and Gas Management
Organic Chemistry
Oxygen Therapy
Paramedics/Paramedical Science
Pastoral Theology
PC Repair
Peace & Security Management/International Relation With Specialization In War/Conflict & Peace Studies
Peace and Security Management
Peace and Strategic Studies
Peace, Leadership and Governance
Personal Management
Personnel Management
Petroleum And Logistics Management
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmaceutical Technology
Pharmacy and Drug Management
Pharmacy and Drugs Administration
Pharmacy Assistant
Pharmacy Science
Pharmacy Technician
Philosophy of Education
Photography and Video Coverage
Physical And Health Education
Physical and Health Education
Physical Therapy AIDE
Physics Education
Physiotherapy & Acupuncture (TCM)
Pipeline Engineering
Pipelines & Facility Management
Plant And Machinery
Plant Science
Political Science
Port Logistics Management
Pre-primary and Primary Education
Pre-Primary and Primary Education (English Language)
Pre-Primary and Primary Education (Mathematics)
Pre-Primary and Primary Education (Science)
Pre-Primary and Primary Education (Social Studies)
Primary Education
Private Investigator
Procurement and Supply
Production Engineering
Professional Locksmith
Project Management
Project Management Technology
Psychology/Social Work
Public Administration
Public Health
Public Health and Safety Management
Public Health Informatics
Public Health Nursing
Public Health Science
Public Health Technology
Public Policies and Strategic Studies
Public Policy
Pure and Industrial Chemistry with Specialisations
Quality Management
Quantitative Survey
Quantity Surveying
Radiation And Health Physics
Radiation And Health-medical Physics
Real Estate Appraiser
Religious Studies
Restorative Justice
Risk Management
Safety and Environment
Safety and Security Management
Science Laboratory Technology
Security and Forensic Investigation
Security and Terrorism Law
Security/Police Sciences
Sewing & Dressmaking
Shipping management
Small Engine Repair
Social Care and Emergency Management
Social Studies
Social Works
Sociology of Education
Solar Energy System
Software Development Engineering
Software Engineering
Soil Science
Space Physics
Spanish As A Second Language
Special Education
Specialisation in Management
Spill Response Operation
Sport Management
Start Your Own Business
Statistics and Data Analysis
Strategic Agricultural Management
Strategic Change Management
Strategic Community Development
Strategic Consultancy Management
Strategic Crisis Management
Strategic Education Management
Strategic Entrepreneurship
Strategic Environmental Management
Strategic Financial Management
Strategic Fire Safety Management
Strategic Gerontology Care Management
Strategic Human Resources Management
Strategic Information System Management
Strategic Leadership And Governance
Strategic Leadership and Governance
Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Governance
Strategic Local Government Administration Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Management And Leadership
Strategic Management and Leadership
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Mass Media Management
Strategic Operation Management
Strategic Project Management
Strategic Public Leadership and Governance
Strategic Small Scale Operation Management
Strategic Traffic Management
Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering
System & Software Engineering
System and Network Technology
System Technology
Teacher AIDE
Teachers' Education
Technology Management
Terrorism Security and Intelligence Studies
Textile Science and Technology
Theatre Arts
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Tourism Management
Trade/ Retail
Transformational leadership
Translation and Interpretation
Transport and Logistic Management
Transport And Safety Management
Transport And Shipping Operation
Transportation Planning and Management
Trauma Recovery Therapy
Trauma Resilience Therapy
Travel & Tourism
Urban and Regional Planning
Vertinary Assistant
Video Game Design
Water and Environmental Engineering
Wedding Consultant
Wood Science/Forestry
Writing Stories For Children
X-Ray Technology/Emergency Health
Yoruba Language

Short Courses:

Trade/ Retail
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Automobile Spray and Body Shops
Photography and Video Coverage
Mobile Handsets Repairs
Computer services: Repairing, Networking, Desktop Publishing, Training, Graphic Design Printing / Lithographic

Cosmetic and Beauty Products
Artisan - Cobbler, Tillers
Art and Craft
Furniture Making & Design
Farming e.g. Fish Farming, Egg Production, Pig Farming, Snail Rearing, Grass Cutter Rearing, Fingerling Production, Goat Farming, Battle Farming, Broiler Production

Agricultural Services
Automobile Repair
Mechanical Engineer, Building Maintenance and Electrical Electronic Repair
Interior and Exterior Decoration
Catering and Hotel Management
Bakeries and Confectionaries
Hairdresser and Barbing Salon
Tailoring / Fashion Designs

Please Note:

The Available Programmes afore-listed have their corresponding fees on the Tuition Page.
You can also check the short professional courses as below:


1) National Diploma:
The is a 6-months program that lead to the award of national diploma certificate and we have the following courses

  1. Computer Science
  2. Statistics
  3. Sciences Laboratory Technology
  4. Oil and Gas Processing Engineering Technology
  5. Petroleum and Geosciences Engineering Technology
  6. Mechanical/Marine Engineering Technology
  7. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  8. Agriculture Economics and extension
  9. Livestock and Fishery
  10. Private Investigation & Security
  11. Food Technology and Home Economics
  12. Agronomy
  13. Marine Engineering
  14. Oil & Gas Accounting Management
  15. Project Management
  16. Environmental & Health Safety Management


2) Certificate Programs in Skills Development (Cert)
These programs run for 2 months in different fields which include the following 

  1. Mechanical (Machining/Turning) 
  2. Private Investigation & Surveillance
  3. Electrical Wiring and Installations
  4. Perfumery Making
  5. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
  6. Cosmetology (Hair Dressing)
  7. Make Up Craft
  8. Decoration and Event Management
  9. Catering and Hotel Management
  10. Computer studies
  11. Industrial Safety and Security Management
  12. Fisheries and Hatcheries
  13. Laundry and Liquid Soap Production
  14. Fashion and Textile Design 
  15. Heliciculture (Snail Farming) Acknowledgement tuition  
  16. Peace and Conflict Resolution Management
  17. Pipe Fittings and Fabrication Technology (Onshore/Offshore)
  18. Occupational Health Safety, Security and Risk Management (Onshore/Offshore Level 2 & 3 )
  19. Pipeline Inspection, Maintenance and Non-Destructive Test (Onshore/Offshore Level 1 & 2 American Standards). 


3) School of Engineering Technology - National Diploma (ND) in: 

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrography
  6. Petroleum Engineering
  7. Marine Engineering


4) School of Management Sciences (ND): 

  1. Accountancy
  2. Banking and Finance 
  3. Business Administration and Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Office Technology Management
  6. Public Administration



  1. Computer Security and Forensics Network Security,
  2. Cyber Security,
  3. Website and Mobile Design,
  4. Graphic Design ,
  5. Database Management,
  6. Video Editing, 
  7. System Engineering, 
  8. Software Engineering, 
  9. 2D & 3D Animation Design
  10. Oil and Gas,
  11. industrial Environmental safety and Security Technology.


Certificate Programmes in:  Hospitality and Tourism Management,  Human Resource Management,  Petroleum Marketing,  Maritime and Transport Services,  Purchasing and Supply , Welding and Fabrication , Heavy Duty Engine Repairs,  Industrial and Domestic Plumbing,  Pipe Fitting,  Airconditioning and Refridgeration , Electrical Wiring and Installation,  Aquaculture Poultry,  Management Heliculture (Snail Farming) , Mechanical Technology (Machine, Turning, Milling and Grinding); Fiber Optics Technology; Fiber Optics & Logistics Management; Catering and Food Technology; Catering and Hotel Management.